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Linn County Cities

I need to update the pictures on these sites, quite a few of these pictures are no longer valid as the mess has been cleaned up... amazing. It is the reason for these pages. I don't like living in a slum OR near it. If you know of any place that needs looked at or places that have been cleaned up, simply Contact Us! I don't get out very often lately, sorry.

There have been some rather nice pictures posted in the Linn County, KS group on Facebook, I would post them here with the permission of the photographer, until then, have a look at our group on Facebook: Click Here

Centerville's Page:

What a beautiful town, finally got a sewer system... but do they use it?

La Cygne's Page:

Check out the coal fired power plant...

Mound City's Page:

The county seat.


Parker has less than Blue Mound does... but that's not saying much.

Pleasanton's Page:

They're getting an airport!

Prescott's Page:

The dump is here, the dump that is rarely open...

Blue Mound:

There are a few houses and a bar... sometimes the restaurants are open...

Linn Valley:

Linn County's "gated community" made up of those who moved from gated communities in "The Big City" and don't want to lose that imprisoned feeling.

Sugar Valley:

It's a lake with expensive land lots around it. It's a semi-gated community with horrible roads that are mapped by someone who was severely drunk and couldn't see. If you don't know your way around out there, you're lost.

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Blue Mound La Cygne Mound City Parker Pleasanton Prescott

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